Create your own path



During my time in the fashion industry building friendships with mainstream music producers I developed a stronger interest working with a creative team than independently establishing a career in fashion design.  I created a new path in music.  After ten years of working in the music industry- radio, promotion, merchandising, touring, social media, producing, managing and marketing; I realized that my goal for entering this new path wasn't narrowed down to what I wanted it to be.  Everything at this current time felt to me to be the same but with a new band- different show, different merch and different projects but ultimately the routine was a constant.  With all my experiences in music I felt that there was still something missing.   I decided it was the best time to work with a handful of bands as an agency building relationships with them and invest. 

Ending my two weeks on a national tour sitting in a coffee shop in SE Portland I concluded the name of the record label/marketing agency I wanted to get started to be called Defendu.  Along the whole tour I was thinking about the name and how it can integrate with my hometown of Boise, ID but while also establishing my personal style to the brand since this was so personal for me to get started.  I decided the name of the business had to be French partially due to my background in the fashion industry and the personal influence from French design and the origin- Boise being named by the French meaning "trees".

At the time I was sitting in the coffee shop thinking further into the concept of art; especially music and how it is perceived among other industries especially in America.  It is the forbidden industry.  The industry in which the majority discourage others from pursuing it yet music is consumed in some form by almost everyone.  It quenches the soul and our minds when consumed.  Everyone appreciates music at some level but it is not considered a practical career.  Music is the forbidden fruit of all industries hence-  Defendu Industries aka "Forbidden" Industries.

The purpose of Defendu is to provide the support to musicians whether it is consulting with them to get them started in the right direction, help establish an identity of their project or market them.  This industry isn't fit for everyone but those brave enough to join the journey sometimes get lost in the "trees" and need a little help finding their way.  To paint a picture of Defendu Industires- imagine walking thru a forest of dead trees with no clear path.  It's dark, some form of evil is present and there is no one sign of anyone else.  A path of loneliness but it's somehow sucking you to go deeper in the woods.  That is my visual of the current state of the world and artists continuing to move thru this dead forest creating their own path.  Sometimes the artist find themselves screaming running out of the dark forest, some keep going eating the bad apple so to speak and end up not where they hoped the journey would lead them.  The concept of Defendu was created to help those artists even when the time gets tough they have some guidance.   When they look back down the path they created I want them to see the positive impact they have had on others by being able to share their art- bringing life and growth back in the forest.  Defendu is to help those creatives the "forbidden fruit" get started and support them on this journey in art and freedom of expression.